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I Love to Entertain

I love to entertain! I actually love all the party prep, shopping, details, menu, all the things….almost as much as I love the party. Sometimes more!

I had my first “dinner party” in high school for 6 of my closet girlfriends. My Mom helped me with the menu (which I still remember) as well as setting the table. She also loves to host and growing up it didn't take much of an occasion for her to say, “Let’s set a pretty table”. I know that because I love this so much, it is a gift, not of my talents or even something I learned or inherited, but a gift from God. I can't take credit for any of it.

We entertain regularly as a family, but my greatest joy is to host a luncheon. I try to have girlfriends over at least once a year. The menus change from year to year, but the goal is always to bless them with a lovely lunch. I want to make them feel cared for in my home and simply catch up!

I realize not everyone is like me and loves all the fuss like I do. The gift of hospitality is not in the details, the china, or even the perfect chicken salad. It's simply using the gift for Him. Putting my best foot forward for His Kingdom, not mine. And it can and should look different from mine because the beauty of it overflows from our hearts, not from the vessels on our tables.

I admit that’s not always been the case in my house. Many times I was doing it for me, for my pride. I learned there’s a difference between entertaining and hospitality. Hospitality thrives on vulnerability. My idea of entertaining was a standard of excellence. I still have to check myself, and I am by no means the perfect hostess!

So my challenge to you, Gentle Reader, is to invite women into your home for a meal, dessert, coffee….your choice! But connect with old friends and invite new ones. My challenge to myself will be to reach out to women I know and see that I don't regularly have in my home. How can I bless someone new?

Please don't let this challenge overwhelm you! I know its May-Cember! The purpose of this gathering is connection, not perfection! I have found that taking time for things like this is actually renewing me and I leave feeling full, not spent!

I plan to keep to a luncheon, but the time of day is also up to you! I have included my chicken salad recipe. I know chicken salad recipes are a dime a dozen, but this one is super easy and full of possibilities. I found this in a Southern Living cookbook that my Mom gave me years ago. I've tweaked it a bit and made it so much I could recite it by heart. If cooking is not going to happen, we have so many great places that I source for chicken salad when time is tight. You probably have your favorite, too!

So you are invited! Please join me and the Feast Team on Thursday, May 23rd to host in your home! Consider gathering 4-8 women for some sort of meal and community, and please share with us how it all turned out! The details are up to you, and it will be great because it's yours!


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Kiara Ruth
Kiara Ruth
17. Mai

Thank you so much for sharing. Ps, chicken salad is always a good idea!

Gefällt mir
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