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hey friend,

After much prayer, we believe the Lord is leading us to do something a little different this spring, and we are super excited. As you have heard us say many times, hospitality is at the heart of Feast Together. It's a simple invitation: inviting others to come to the table to experience God through encouragement, connection, and hope.

Romans 12:13 tells us to practice hospitality. This spring, we are giving you the opportunity to do just that. On Thursday, May 23rd, we invite you to join us for our very first Feast Together at Home. Our hope is that women throughout the Triangle will open their homes and invite other women around their table.

See all the details below! We hope you'll join us!

come to the table



all the details

Mark your calendar

MAY 23

(you decide the time & location)

Invite women for a Feast Together at Home gathering. 

You are the host. You choose the time, what to serve, and who to invite. It can be as simple as a morning coffee or as elaborate as a full-course dinner. If hosting outside of your home works better, then invite others to meet at your favorite restaurant or coffee shop. Why not invite your co-workers to gather during your lunch hour? We encourage you not just to invite friends but also women you may not know well, whether it’s a neighbor, co-worker, someone at the gym, or your child’s school. What happens at your table is way more important than a clean house and a homemade meal.


Let’s be women who start a hospitality revival in the Triangle!

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